North Zealand Outdoor Sports Club (NZO)

Team Name: North Zealand Outdoor Sports Club (NZO)
Country: Denmark
Team Website:
Captain: Sanne Elidsbo Hansen
Team Facebook page:
Media Contact: Søren Lundgren Nielsen
Media email:
Sponsors: Brooks Running,Compressport, Montane, GripGrab Sports Gloves, Blizog Petzl.


Name: Sanne Elidsbo Hansen
Age: 29
Where were you born: Albertslund
Hometown now: Brønshøj
Occupation: President at North Zealand Outdoor Sports Club
Other hobbies: FOOD

Years racing: 5

Racing achievements: ARWS Costa Rica, South Africa, ARWC Equador, ARES Poland, Czech Rep, Beast and more.. Personal motto: Nature and Adventure Race is my playground, it is life, it is my identity. Adventure Race is not only a sport to me. Life doesnt always have to be perfect and pain demands to be felt. Adventure Race shows you that! Go explore and lose your inclination for monotonous security. Adopt a helter-shelter style of life that will at first appear to you as crazy, but once you become accustomed to such a life you will see its full meaning and its incredible beuaty. My dream is to show this beauty to other people 😉

Strengths as a racer: Always happy – the dancing Panda 😉

Married/Single: In a relationship

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: To do full course 😉 and explore Alaska.

Name: Lars Bukkehave
Age: 31
Where were you born: Svendborg, Denmark
Hometown now: Gerlev, Denmark
Occupation: Teacher
Other hobbies: Movies, Comics

Years racing: 11 years

Racing achievements:
ARWS XPD Portugal 2008, ARWS Poland Winter Challenge 2010, ARWS Huairasinchi 2011, ARWS Costa Rica 2012, ARWS Expedition Africa 2013, Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge 2014.Personal motto: enjoy your time when you race
Strengths as a racer: navigation

Married/Single: Single

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Full Couse.

Name: Niels Torp Madsen
Age: 38
Where were you born: Copenhagen
Hometown now: Copenhagen
Occupation: Product developer
Other hobbies: Kite, windsurfing, skiing

Years racing: 13

Racing achievements: I’m still alive

Personal motto: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” –T. S. Eliot

Strengths as a racer: see the possibilities

Children: None that I’m Aware of

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Looking forward to a real adventure; goal is to complete full course

Name: Mikkel Frese
Age: 33
Where were you born: Ringsted, Denmark
Hometown now: Copenhagen, Denmark
Emergency Contact: Gro Welding
Occupation: Student, Sociology
Other hobbies: Climbing, trail running

Years racing: 3 years of ARs

Racing achievements: various triathlons, Ar´s etc.

Personal motto: See “Skyrunners manifesto”

Married/Single: in a relationship

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Looking forward to see Alaska, experience it first hand and i feel grateful to be part of this adventure.