Columbia Vidaraid

Perpetual Motion Events: Teams &emdash;

Team Name: Columbia Vidaraid
Country: Spain / Brazil
Captain: Urtzi Iglesias
Team Website:
Team Facebook page:
Twitter: vidaraid
Instagram: vidaraid
Sponsors (if applicable): Columbia Sportswear, SKINS, Darn Tough, Specialized, Spiuk, Nutrisport, Seland, Light and Motion, OutThere USA, Quickspeed, Epic Paddles, Camp, Nordenmark Adventure


Name: Urtzi Iglesias Mota
Age: 35
Where were you born: Bilbao
Hometown now: Bilbao
Occupation: Events organizer
Other hobbies: is it not enough to be adventurer?

Years racing: 15

Racing achievements: 4 times spanish champion…

Strengths as a racer: Navigation

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: AR is travel and discover wonderful places, what better place than Alaska

Name: Marco Amselem
Age: 30
Where were you born: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Hometown now: San Diego, California, USA
Occupation: Videographer / Industrial Designer
Other hobbies: Surfing, Eating and traveling

Years racing: 8 Years

Racing achievements: Two times 2nd places in AR World Championship, four times 1st Places at World Series Race and two 2nd Places at World Series Races.

Personal motto: Sky is the limit. Embrace the pain and enjoy it!

Strengths as a racer: Water sports and ability in several different modalities. Easygoing racer!

Married/Single: married

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: The goal is to achieve the best result possible, explore the stunning landscape, have fun with my team mates and be away of Bears.

Name: Jon Ander Arambalza
Age: 36
Where were you born: bilbao, Spain
Hometown now: mallorca island
Occupation: Personal trainer
Other hobbies: outdoor activities and traveling.

Years racing: since 99.

Personal motto: Power and physiology control to win!

Strengths as a racer: technical and alpine area.

Married/Single: married

Children: 2 children’s – One boy, Eder 4 girl NAIA 2 years.

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Enjoy and achieve the best result possible!!!

Name: Tessa Roorda
Age: 33
Where were you born: São Paulo, Brazil
Hometown now: São Paulo, Brazil
Occupation: Biologist
Other hobbies: looking for a new one

Years racing: since 2002

Racing achievements: all the beautifull places I’ve seen

Personal motto: Mind controls body

Strengths as a racer: Trekking, staying awake

Married/Single: married

Children: nope

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: It’s Alaska!