Soteria Moose Whisperers

Team Name: Soteria
Country: USA


Name: Michael R Rudolph
Age: 41
Where were you born: Jersey City, New Jersey
Hometown now: Meridian, ID
Occupation: Business Owner / Property Investing
Other hobbies: traveling, hiking, finding craft beers and wines, finding someone to share it all with

Years racing: 6

Racing achievements: Solo finishes in Adventure Xtreme series (Moab), team finishes in Expedition Idaho (2011)

Personal motto: Someday is today

Strengths as a racer: positive attitude, good paddler, anti-second guessing, go with the flow, up for whatever

Married/Single: Single

Children: 2 German Shepards (Eukey 7, Apple 7)

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Looking forward to the adventure and checking off a major accomplishment, of hiking in the great state of Alaska.. a lifetime dream. Some new check marks I didn’t have on my list are brought courtesy of Dave: Ice whitewater rafting through canyons, glacier hiking, avoiding bears, kayaking in the ocean, surviving 8 grueling days to give myself the opportunity to know i can survive! Using this race as a marker to move forward with a number of other goals I have for myself and getting some well needed time away from a company I’ve been helping to build for the last three years. I hope I can come back with even more energy to move our company to the next level along with my president and team captain Jeff.

Name: Jeff Harvey
Age: 52
Where were you born: Riverside, CA
Hometown now: Boise, ID
Occupation: Business Owner
Other hobbies: white water rafting, archery, traveling

Years racing: 10

Racing achievements: Multiple solo finishes in Adventure Xtreme series (Moab, Durango, Buena Vista), team finishes in Untamed New England (2012), Expedition Idaho (2011). Cowboy Tough (2013) and 5th Place USARA Nationals (2013),
Personal motto: Don’t stand in shadows

Strengths as a racer: decision-making, mountain biking, good paddler

Married/Single: Married

Children: Yes; 3 (daughter 20, sons 18 and 15)

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Excited for the “adventure” part of expedition Alaska, experiencing what the great state has to offer. Dream of mine since I was a little boy to go to Alaska – this is my chance and to see it up close (very up close.) Having done other races of Dave’s, however, I am nervous …

Name: Justin Weeks
Age: 26
Where were you born: Anchorage, AK
Hometown: North Pole, AK
Occupation: US Army Infantry Officer
Other Hobbies: ATV/Snow Machining,Woodworking and SCUBA diving

Years Racing: SANDHURST 2008-2012

Racing Achievements: SANDHURST 2x top 5

Personal Motto: Coco Loco

Strength as a Racer: Military background

Goals for ExpAk: I’m excited to learn about adventure racing and enjoy seeing more of Alaska with my team.