Special Ops Recruiting Battalion (SORB)

Perpetual Motion Events: Teams &emdash;

Team Name: Special Ops Recruiting Battalion (SORB) /USMES
Country: USA
Team Website: www.sorbrecruiting.com 


Team Name: Ron Flick
Age: 34
Email: ron.flick@usmes.org
Where were you born: Youngstown OH
Hometown now: Aberdeen NC
Emergency Contact: Ashley
Occupation: US Army
Other hobbies: Everything outdoors and anything  challenging

Years racing: 2

Racing achievements: Raced with some of the best human beings and  best athletes on this earth!

Personal motto: Seek adventure, return with stories

Strengths  as a racer: Positive attitude

Married/Single: Married

Children: yes; 1

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Race the complete course knowing we gave it our all,  strengthen friendship with team-mates, have the most fun  humanly possible while creating memories that will last the  rest of my  life!

Name:  JD Eskelson
Age:  21 jk 😉 ummm 51
Where were you born: Vernal, UT
Hometown now:  Garland, UT
Occupation: U.S. Army Reserves, Sponsored Endurance Athlete, Ski Instructor  Other hobbies:  Most mulit-sports (great cross-training) e.g. Ultras, SUP, etc. especially outdoors, plus bowhunting, bird hunting with my female Alaskan Chocolate Lab “Toffee”

Years racing:  13 plus

Racing achievements: Please see this link (updated to end of 2014), but for 2015 so far:
23-24 May 2015 Equinox Traverse 44hr AR in PA, 2nd place, 4 person co-ed, 39hrs44mins, cleared course/all 42 CPs
30-31 May 2015 Blue Ridge 24hr AR in GA, 3rd place, 3 person mens, 23hrs55mins30secs

 Personal motto:  “Face Your Fears… Live Your Dreams!”
Strengths as a racer: Navigation, Team Motivator, Bushwhacking & Perseverance!

Married/Single:  S

Children?  Yes;  1

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: a) Finish the entire course as an official 4 person co-ed Team b) achieve a podium finish or at least a top 10 finish c) absorb the “awesome” Alaskan scenery d) have an epic AR experience and fishish together as life-long friends!

Name: Amanda Leigh Rankin
Age: 26
Where were you born: Libertytown, Maryland
Hometown now: Okaloosa, Florida
Occupation: US Army
Other hobbies: Travel, SCUBA, SUP… Anything outdoors, and anything that sounds like an adventure!

Years racing: 1

Racing achievements: Being introduced to a community of some of the best/most impressive athletes, and people, I’ve ever met! Nothing scares any of these people – there’s no task or course too daunting! Its motivating, and infectious!

Personal motto: Proceed, and be bold!

Strengths as a racer: Positivity + perseverance

Married/Single: Single

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: 1) Race and complete the full course; 2) Complete this epic race with all of my teammates, and strengthen our friendships in doing so!; 3) Competing here is the opportunity of a lifetime – I’m looking forward to all of the memories being made here!

Name: Josh Cowin
Age: 29
Where were you born: Wichita, Kansas
Hometown now: Fayetteville, North Carolina
Occupation: U.S. Army
Other hobbies: Running, cycling, mountain biking, swimming,
rafting, hiking… basically anything involving adrenaline
and endorphins.

Years racing: 3 (>1 adventure racing)

Racing achievements: 1st place (by division) in a 2013 10K
and 3rd (by division) in a 2015 13.1 half marathon.
Personal motto: Enjoy the moment.

Strengths as a racer: Team-oriented attitude; what can I do
to improve us?

Married/Single: Separated

Children: Yes; 1

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Complete the
course as a team, revel in the spectacular landscape, try
not to break my handlebars this race, and come through with
laughs and memories to last a lifetime!