Team Tecnu

Team Name:  Team Tecnu
Country:  United States & Australia
Captain: Kyle Peter
Team Website:
Team Facebook page:
Sponsors :  Tec LabsAdventure Medical KitsChampion SystemsSkins, Epic, Light & Motion 


Name: Kyle Peter
Age: 30
Where were you born: Arlington Hts, IL
Hometown now: Alameda, CA
Occupation: Sales Manager
Other hobbies: 1 trick pony

Years racing: 11

Racing achievements: 2 time USARA National Champion, 3rd place ARWC 2013, 4th place ARWC 2014

Personal motto: I generally recycle others’ mottos

Strengths as a racer: Bike and entertainment

Married/Single: Girlfriend

Children: No

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Looking forward to exploring some big terrain and going fast as we can

Name: Mari Chandler
Age: 38
Where were you born: East Tawas, MI
Hometown now: Living on the road in an RV
Occupation: Deployment Specialist
Other hobbies: RV livin

Years racing: 10

Racing achievements: 2014:  3rd place Expedition Africa , 1st place Cowboy Tough, 4th place World Champs

Personal motto: No checkpoint is optional

Strengths as a racer: Old and Wise

Married/Single: Single

Children: 1 dog

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: It’s going to be insane, can’t wait to race in 20+ hours of daylight, we will race hard start to finish

Name: Garret Bean
Age: 32
Where were you born: California
Hometown now: San Francisco
Occupation: Fluvial Geomorphologist
Other hobbies: underwater basket weaving

Years racing: 8

Racing achievements:

3rd Costa Rica ARWC

2nd Expedition Africa 2013

3rd Expedition Africa 2014

Strengths as a racer: Mountain Biking (that’s the focus of this race, right?)

Married/Single: Single

Children: Don’t know.

Rob Preston
Age: 36
Where were you born: Newcastle, Australia
Hometown now: Traralgon South, Australia
 Power Station Operator
Other hobbies: Orienteering, Triathlon

Years racing:

Racing achievements: 4th ARWC 2014, 3rd Exp Africa 2014, 10th ARWC 2011 Tasmania, 1st XPD 2008, 1st XPD 2010, 2nd XPD 2007

Personal motto: Excellence through fear of humiliation

Strengths as a racer: Navigation

Married/Single: Married, to Kathryn in Team Rogue Adventure

Children: 1, Mattias, 10months old

Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Looking forward to seeing some amazing terrain, watching bears eat Salmon from a river, and of course to win.