Team Wandering Nannut

Team Name: Team Wandering Nannut
Country: USA
Captain: Tom Ambrose


Name: Jeni McNeal
Age: 44
Where were you born: Spokane, WA
Hometown now: Spokane, WA
Occupation: Professor, Sport Science; Eastern Washington University
Other hobbies: Being upside down whenever possible; traveling the world & experiencing new things
Years racing: 7 yrs
Racing achievements:USARA nationals 3 times; Have completed every adventure race Dave has put on!! Most of the time in one piece :)
Personal motto: Can I use ‘suck it up princess’?;  If not then ‘never settle for average’
Strengths as a racer: Determination: Never ever quit.
Married/Single: Single with Cat
Children: NOPE
Thoughts about, and goals for racing ExpAk: Have I mentioned I don’t like to be cold?;  Seriously though – I am looking forward to helping my team dig deep and find new strengths within themselves. I am crossing my fingers for some epic (but safe) wildlife encounters too.

Name: Tom Ambrose

Name: Richard Dove

Name: Kyle Milton